Fuck the World

by Expecting Rain

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    The new album from Expecting Rain is called "Fuck the World"
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This is the latest album from Expeccting Rain, entitled "Fuck the World"


released November 17, 2012

Produced by the band & Mike McDonald


all rights reserved



Expecting Rain Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: We Were On NPR
I don’t smoke sore throat for singing
play unplugged my ears are ringing
new record anticipated
never settled - never make it
twitter, band camp, sound cloud, facebook
free MP3 worth a quick look
got some blog buzz spirits rising
fell back down with criticizing

I think about my band when I’m at work
I don’t think they will like us in New York
I can only sing for those I know

Press record strings get overdubbed
when you’ve heard this we’ve had our fun
never better than in practice
set list changes without notice

If you like Herzog you’re in for surprise
way more laughs and fewer word black eyes
that’s our press kit now enjoy the show
Track Name: Everything Takes Forever
Bathing suit sunburned nose
where we’re going no one knows
Maybe I had a chance
but I let it go past
the sun is shining still on the snow
your body is covered up from the cold
and your nose is patient and pink

everything takes forever
I don’t have further plans
everything takes forever
I just want to hold your hand

December you’re perfect
your heart will bring blood to your cheeks
why should I wait longer
I’ve wanted to kiss you since summer
I’m taking off my gloves touch your hair
our glasses fogging up in cold air
your lips are warm but dry
I’m glad to hold your hand

Do you know what’s next?
cause I don’t know what’s next
but I know tonight can’t end
until kissing again
Track Name: Kathleen
and there she goes
knocking on my door
don’t know where we’re going to
but we’re going fast
whiskey, no umbrella and old jazz

you’re a wonder, Kathleen

we ran foot after foot
into the cool of the woods
listen to the radio and our breath
it soothes me right down to my soul
to have rest

she ties her long brown hair
smiles up at the air
before I know it she’s already gone
no hard feelings no good bye is her song

may your days play out like sonnets
may no sadness look down upon it
Track Name: Pro Domme
Scratch my skin
read in bed and smoke a cigarette
change your clothes
ignore the text from your ex boyfriend
you wish you could move
but you don’t have cash saved up yet

men will pay
for the scratch
you gave for free
when you were mine
it’s all in a line
western history combined

let my tongue be cut out
if I ever forget
your plan is without fault
but I can’t help you pack
I await new pictures
the songs are written
let my tongue be cut out
if I ever forget
Track Name: Fuck The World
I always love it here
I never want to leave
the city strong with steel
the country shines with trees
If the open road does call
I’ll say you’ve got the wrong number
all my people live right here
I can’t leave you, my friends and my lovers

Fuck the world
they’ve never cared for me
Fuck the world
All my friends live within ten miles of my home
I wanna make a difference in their lives

Africa needs help Europe has culture
We can condescend or feel inferior
Kony doesn’t care who he kills
So what? We’ve got Anthony Sowell

Kony don’t care who he kills
so what? We’ve got Anthony Sowell
but when I ride my bike through hough
The people wave and they all show me love

When my friends make travel plans
I’m just not interested
but I’ll see them when they come back
Track Name: DMT
There’s no God behind that door
That’s one thing I know for sure
cops are thieves your family lied
you’ll need something else to survive

there are people who are freaking out
taking drugs you can’t pronounce
youth desires to see it all
but don’t be in a rush - it’ll happen anyway

My body is never cold
I don’t stare when I see guns
amateurs will make the news
but I know I’m not one

If I wasn’t so fucked up
then I wouldn’t be so tough
but I would rather not be either

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